Sound Tracks to Learning

What is Express Kids?

Express Kids is a 20-45 minute weekly program that teaches life skills, science, colors, numbers, and more through music, large muscle movement, and American Sign Language. We focus on multi-sensory learning to help knowledge retention in young children.


Our Impact

Express Kids has a twenty year legacy in the top pre-schools throughout Central Indiana. Beginning in 1991, our organization has taught many students who have grown up to achieve great success in primary and secondary education. Express Kids focuses on pre-reading skills like letters, letter sounds, word recognition and repetition. We are lucky enough to have several dedicated Express Kids families that enroll their children in our program.


Sign Up For a Classes

To sign up a student that currently attends one of our schools, please send an email with your name, the student's name, and the school he/she attends.                     


Volunteer opportunities

Express Kids is always growing and would love to have volunteers to work with organizing curriculum and events.



Ask a Question

We love hearing from our families and anyone else who might be interested! Click below for inquiries.