About Express Kids

Express Kids is a Multi-Sensory music program created for children 2 years of age through Kindergarten. Express Kids uses original songs, puppets, and stories to focus on Life Skills, Letter's, Letter Sounds, Math Concepts, Science, Animal Habitats, and Pre-Reading Skills.  This award-winning program established in 1996 is still creating new songs, games, and stories for its curriculum.  Our original songs help children maintain focus, furnish energy and rhythm, facilitate memory, and provide emotional content to stories. A major factor in Multi-Sensory Learning is utilizing Sign Language.  Our teachers are trained to use ASL Sign Language with your children in a fun and energetic way. Express Kids can be seen each weekday on WFYI TV-20 during the Preschool programing line up.  Express Kids is happily endorsed by Neuropsychologists to improve Phonemic Awareness, Printing, Fine Motor Skills, Creative Growth and Self Expression.

About the Creator

Elaine Shepherd Akermann D.M.E. Creator of Express Kids holds a Doctor of Music Education Degree in Music Theory (with Highest Honors) degrees from the University of Oklahoma. She has taught music and education students in several Universities in the Midwest. Having composed for children for many years, Akermann writes music which is engaging and entertaining as well as educationally sound.

Meet the Owner - Lisa Dant

 Lisa and Numero

Lisa and Numero

Lisa Dant holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue University.   She has been associated with Express Kids for nine years, before becoming owner.  Lisa's work with young children spans 20+ years.  Her teaching abilities are engaging, and fun for all ages.